Kevin J. Chase (thegreyeminence) wrote,
Kevin J. Chase

Wet Windsor Wasn't

…wet, that is. Last year, most of the Ren fair's fun stuff got rained out.

This year the weather was both moderate and dry, but the late-night campfires continued the trend of being less hospitable to entertainers than in years past. Saturday night, the non-drumming acts totaled two.

One of those was me, and I spent most of my stage time fighting the drums, so I was completely surprised when one of the merchants asked me on Sunday to entertain her crew. (I guess I could call this a command performance… my first, unless you count an emergency gig at a Mystic Realms wedding way back.)

My re-write of Voltaire's “USS Make Some Shit Up” got a vastly better response on its second time out, from the vendors and also from some fair-goers who happened by. It's been a long time since I felt like an entertainer, and I certainly wasn't expecting it after my tepid reception the night before.

For the record, my newest song is about the worst Markland / SCA household ever imagined, spotlighting the cavalier disregard for history (not to mention other households) displayed by their reeve, kitchen mistress, herald, and so on. It doesn't have a title yet, but it does have a subtitle: “In Honor of the Period Police”.

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