Kevin J. Chase (thegreyeminence) wrote,
Kevin J. Chase

Paging Doctor Suitcase…

A company called Nerdcore Learning has released a medical CCG / study aid called Healing Blade. According to an American Medical News article, the game teaches antibiotics and infectious diseases in the form of two fantasy armies: the Apothecary Healers versus the Lords of Pestilence.

The game's site shows surprisingly good card art, but not much on how the game plays. Sadly, their 3-minute You Tube ad is nothing but fluff.

I'm always a little skeptical of “teaching games”. The games that have taught me the most, like Days of Decision, Empires in Arms, or Victoria, were excellent games first. They encouraged and sometimes forced me to learn as they introduced bits of history that I didn't know, but that wasn't why I started playing. (Who picked up World of Warcraft because they wanted to learn aggro management or shot rotation?)

I was once told by a US Army cadet that his history professor had used Empires in Arms to help teach the Napoleonic era. Before the game, he allowed students to propose optional rules to benefit the country they would play, but they had to be accompanied by historical justification in the form of a short research paper. I would have been utterly dedicated to a class like that.

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