Kevin J. Chase (thegreyeminence) wrote,
Kevin J. Chase

This Has the Characteristic Look and Feel of a Complete Fuckup

My goals for this evening were:

  1. Buy groceries.
  2. Pay the bills.
  3. Ensure the weekly backups are under way.
  4. Get to bed early.

Yes, I tried to get something done on a Sunday. Stop laughing. Anyway, the body count:

  1. Didn't get to the grocery store early enough — Daylight Savings Time.
  2. Backups were already running when I sat down to do the bills — Daylight Savings Time.
  3. Said backups were copying every file to the external drive, instead of just the new ones, turning a 45-minute backup into 15+ hours — Daylight Savings Time.
  4. It is now 4 (really 5) in the morning, so getting to bed early is going onto the “ultra-stretchy goals” list — Daylight Fucking Savings Time.

So no food, no bills, and an incremental backup transformed into a full backup because Windows is the only entity in the world that copes with Daylight Savings Time worse than I do. Even Microsoft's own apps (robocopy) don't get it right.

The few solutions I've found all involve knowing exactly when Daylight Savings Time starts and ends, then trying to guess what Microsoft did to the clock so you can un-mangle it by hand. This is complicated by the fact that Daylight Savings Time itself is not a constant, but an act of legislative fiat.

So, any long-term solution will have to co-ordinate the independent and capricious decisions of not only Microsoft, but also the US government. That seems to mean constant patching is the only way to go… and robocopy hasn't been updated since 2003.

I have about a dozen clocks left to fiddle with, but fuck it, I'm going to bed. Maybe I'll wake up in Guam, and it will all have been a dream.

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